Some Quick Points!


October 15, 2012 by preventyouthdrugabuse

I’m just going to give a quick summary of everything so far.


–          Drug use exists and is very real.

–          Starts in some from ages as young as 12

–          Cannabis most common drug

–          Youth are more susceptible to drug addiction than adults

–          Youth are the highest percentage of those persecuted for drug use

–          Prolonged Cannabis use from a young age can reduce IQ

–          Regulation and Decriminalisation of Drugs can help stop the problem

–          Measures to stop youth accessing drugs through age restrictions

–          Measures to stop secondary supply through quantity restrictions

–          Safer and cleaner drugs – made to a safety standard so if youth do use, the immediate health risks are not as high.

–          Taxable product – income can help support programs to properly educate those about the effects of drugs and rehabilitation programs to help those who are addicted

–          Diminishes the black market (the current market for illegal drugs) – takes wealth away from criminals

–          Decriminalising drugs stops youth from being criminalised for minor things like possession of cannabis – this can ruin their life more than anything

–          The family and friends plays an important role!

–          To work alongside regulation laws as they are both influential to teens

–          Poor social factors can lead to drug use amongst youth

–          Role is to educate, discuss, support

–          Hugs can stop drugs


2 thoughts on “Some Quick Points!

  1. Vincent says:

    Legalisation and Regulation would be a BOON to our young. As the situation is now, they get peer pressure to try substances that are damned dangerous – and the only guidance they receive is from those same, ignorant peers.

    Under L&R they would be INFORMED, then be able – if they chose – to obtain the substances knowing them to be pure, hygenically produced and of a known strength. Furthermore, I am sure that MOST would be more than happy to experiment solely with the (less profitable to drug dealers) far “softer” NATURAL drugs, like leaf marijuana, coca leaves, MDNA and so on – and leave the NASTY stuff ALONE.

    I recall in my youth (the turn of the Seventies) how very FEW people dabbled with heroin and suchlike substances – and they were looked at with PITY by the vast majority of people who only indulged in marijuana and other soft highs.

    But TODAY… with METH freely available to a youth who know NOTHING about it – and peer pressure to try it – L&R cannot arrive QUICKLY enough.

  2. cyrusofsol says:

    As a teenager of the 1950’s I only heard of leisure drugs in connection with Blues singers such as Billie Holliday. Then, as Flower Power took hold in the 1960’s, the well-intentioned authorities ratchetted up the prohibition laws. This was counter-productive in the extreme and magnified the black market and wealthy criminals problem. Your web log is sanity at last.

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