Regulating the Production of Drugs


October 9, 2012 by preventyouthdrugabuse

In my previous blog, I discussed how criminalisation has failed and how regulation of the drug user can be positive. This blog will look at drug regulation policies can affect the production of drugs that are currently illegal.

A big issue, that has been touched upon already is the black market of drugs and the underground crime gangs that are controlling this illegal drug industry and their growing wealth from it. The black market for drugs thrives on the illegality of the substances. With every drug bust and every advance that our police make against illegal drugs, the price of drugs increases along with criminal profits and activities.

One major point that I think is a major benefit of regulating the production of currently illegal drugs is the quality control. By legalising and regulating these substances, production is being taken out of the hands of criminals and into the hands of corporations or professionals who will follow regulatory procedures in appropriate clean environments, and sell drugs without any dangerous/lethal additives or fillers and at quantities which are safe



Read this article by the ABC (US) about teenagers hospitalised after smoking lead tainted marijuana. Kelly M Smith of the University of Kentucky in this article states

“The product quality is concerning in that other compounds may be added to resemble the desired drug, yet serve as a cost-effective substitute, or that the quantity of drug added to a compound is uncertain,”

It is instances like these that can severely affect young people with no knowledge about drugs, the substances used to ‘cut’ or fill with or even the shocking conditions in which they are produced.


 “If we are to reduce the pernicious effects of black market drugs on the Australian community, control of the drug supply system must ultimately be diverted from criminal to civil and government authorities. We must evolve a new approach that acknowledges the powerful economic forces of the drug market, but which is acceptable to the community, and is achievable politically.”



This may not eliminate the black market for drugs completely, but it can severely reduce the size of the market and drug related crime. The currently illegal drugs if legalised can be taxed same way as tobacco and alcohol, thus putting wealth back into the state and away from criminals. This money can be used to provide support and rehabilitation to those who are addicted and towards marketing and educative programs teaching the risks of drugs to raise awareness of them.


It is important for our youth to be educated, to see on social media and television advertisements and in schools about the effects of drugs that can be had on them. Furthermore, if youth do come in to contact with drugs that are produced under these regulation laws, they are at less of a risk than if they were to come in to contact with drugs produced for the black market as there are control measures in place with production.


4 thoughts on “Regulating the Production of Drugs

  1. rdrevilo says:

    how do you approach something that appeals to human weakness..legalize it..people will still abuse it..alcohol is the perfect example here’s my artistic view of this dilemma peace

    • That is a big concern! But if drugs are legalised and regulated properly, don’t you think that our youth will have a harder time accessing drugs because there are measures in place to stop them?
      If you are interested, have a read of this post I made.
      Touches on a story of how a young girl fell into the trap of drug abuse. I think if we take appropriate measures, legalising drugs wont lead to abuse.
      Also thanks for sharing your post! 🙂

      • rdrevilo says:

        that’s the theory…ever heard of prescription drugs, they’re legal…are they not being abused…we have to change the culture first…this is a consumptive driven culture for the sake of making money…not improving the lives of people…peace

      • prescription drugs are legal that is true, and the abuse of them is a problem. I think however that the culture of drug use was created out of prohibition.
        Tobacco use is legal, yet usage is on the decline. It is still a drug and it still affects people in ways similar to other drugs in terms of addiction. Despite this, cigarette use is on the decline. Contributing to this is clever anti smoking marketing. If drugs such as cannabis are legalised, similar tactics can be used, support can be given. It’s worked for cigarettes, it can work for drugs too.
        Who would you rather listen to; the government telling you that you are not allowed to do something? Or would you rather listen to yourself and stop a habit because you want to?
        Changing the way we think is changing the culture and I think that decriminalising and regulating is the first step in doing that.

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