In Case Anyone is Confused..


October 9, 2012 by preventyouthdrugabuse

Now it may seem strange to have a campaign titled Prevent Youth Drug Abuse, yet to be arguing that drug prohibition laws should be abolished. There are many concerns or fears associated with introducing a legalised and regulated drug industry. Here are some below.

Wont youth have easier access to drugs if they are legal?

With prohibition laws lifted, drugs will be publicly available. Just like alcohol however, there should be age limits imposed. This is an active way of preventing youth from accessing these substances, unlike the black market, where any person of any age can access drugs because it is out of the public eye. Furthermore, quantities should be limited to prevent secondary supply.

Drugs can ruin lives, how does legalising those help?

There are many ways drugs can ruin lives. Reading through previous blogs you will learn some ways, from the way the drug can make people dependent to the unknown fillers and cutting agents that producers/dealers use, which can be more dangerous than the drug itself. Legalising drugs will help prevent substance abuse by controlling the manufacture of the drug, the dosage of the drug as well as raising revenue through tax, which can be put back into providing education and rehabilitation towards those that already abuse. Marketing against tobacco has worked in recent times in reducing its use amongst society.

Not all drugs are the same. How can you justify legalising them all?

The fact is that the black market for drugs is causing harm to everyone, our youth especially. Regulation of all drugs will combat the black market. It is very difficult to say how this will be done precisely but regulation is an alternative that can combats the global drug black market. An article in the International Journal of Drug Policy on the Regulation of Drugs states “Drugs like methamphetamine, which are more complicated to manufacture and have the potential to produce greater social and individual harms, could have multiple restrictive regulatory mechanisms and still challenge the black market availability.” In our current position, all illicit drugs fall under the same umbrella of illegal. Regulation measures will actually be able to classify drugs according to levels of potential harm.


Prevent Youth Drug Abuse realises that drugs exist in our society and that no matter what, they are here to stay. So far this campaign has provided the alternative of Legalising and Regulating currently illegal drugs as it they will involve measures to prevent youth from accessing these substances. Addiction amongst is much easier than it is amongst adults, so by preventing youth from accessing and abusing drugs at a younger age,  over time this should lead to lower rates of adults that abuse drugs. Whilst regulation may not wipe out drug use completely, it combats the black market of drugs and allows for police efforts to focus on combatting the core problems such as traffickers rather than occasional users.



4 thoughts on “In Case Anyone is Confused..

  1. abbeyford says:

    Very interesting angle to your campaign, but one I totally endorse. I head a campaign at ‘The Lifestyle Diet’ which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of using supplements when trying to achieve your body goals. I recently posted a blog (found at: which covers legal weight-loss pills. The legalization of these pills, pills which have similar detrimental side-effects to steroids, highlights that the line between legal and illegal often does not dictate one option can be deemed more ‘safe’ than another. I firmly believe education and raising awareness about drug use is a viable means to address the issue, which is something it appears we have in common. Would love for you to join the conversation! Great read and cause!

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