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September 24, 2012 by preventyouthdrugabuse

There are many risks associated specifically with drug use amongst youth. Evidence shows that Australian youth as young as 12 are having access to illicit drugs. The risks associated with drug use and abuse from ages as young as 12 are alarming. Most teens who casually use or experiment with drugs do not expect to become addicted, however as the teenage brain has not fully matured, they are at a greater risk of becoming addicted much faster and easier than adults. Further to this, youth are often not aware of the harms and risks associated with drugs, which adds to the risk.

The Australian National Drug Strategy, in a report on drug use amongst Secondary School Students has found that cannabis is the most commonly used drugs in this demographic. Reports on further studies have found a link between prolonged cannabis use amongst young people and a drop in their IQ over time.

But it is not only these health risks that are a problem. Australia21 is a non for profit organisation who attempts to tackle these big issues, such as youth drug use. In one of their recent studies it was stated “the highest rates of drug use and related persecution in any age bracket in Australia are in our youth…drugs are criminalising today’s youth”.

This concerns me as it shows that drugs have so much potential to ruin our youth’s lives. Furthermore, it shows that the policies in place do nothing to HELP youth to fix these problems.

“Every young person put in jail for drug use, will become one less person who can contribute his or her full potential to the future of Australia.”

                                Vivienne Moxham Hall, Australia21

That is the purpose of this campaign, to provide alternative approaches to help prevent youth drug abuse, with a primary focus being on providing aid rather than punishment, in an attempt to fix the problem. There is a huge cost associated with imprisonment and punishment for drug related crimes, why not put that money to good use to help those with these problems. Alternative approaches to the problem will be explored throughout this campaign.




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